Open to Collaborate

The Traditional Knowledge (TK) Labels support local protocols for accessing and using cultural heritage that is digitally circulating outside community contexts. The TK Labels identify and clarify community-specific rules and responsibilities regarding access and future use of traditional knowledge. 

The Cultural Institutions (CI) Notices are for use by collecting institutions, data repositories and organisations that engage in collaborative curation with Indigenous and other marginalised communities traditionally excluded from documentation and record-keeping processes. 

In this Digital Archive, the TK Labels signal when attribution to archival documents and photographs is incomplete and when institutions are ready to collaborate with communities in new ways. 

More information on the TK Labels is available on the Local Context website. 


Open to Collaborate

The institutions involved in this project are committed to the development of new modes of collaboration, engagement, and partnership with Indigenous peoples for the care and stewardship of past and future heritage collections.

Attribution Incomplete

Collections and items in the institutions involved in this project have incomplete, inaccurate, and/or missing attribution. We are using this Notice to clearly identify this material so that it can be updated, or corrected by communities of origin. Our institutions are committed to collaboration and partnerships to address this problem of incorrect or missing attribution.